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Admissions: Criteria for Enrollment, Policies and Procedures


In the middle school classroom, there is a broad cross-section of children representing different socioeconomic, religious, cultural, racial and ability groups. As often as is possible, the ages and genders of children are evenly distributed in the class. The teacher strives to create an environment with a balance of developmentally appropriate activities for maximum growth. In such an environment, we see children completing work cycles, exercising grace and courtesy, and showing a joy of learning.

Admission policies, procedures, curriculum and faculty at the Emerson Farm Middle School have been approved by the Maryland State Department of Education.


Middle School Program (Ages 12 to 14)

  1. All transfer candidates, as part of the interviewing process, are required to spend a morning in the middle school classroom.
  2. Official records from the present school are required prior to acceptance to the program.
  3. Children entering the middle school program must be over 12 years of age or older by September 1 and meet all requirements for placement.


  1. All children are interviewed by the middle school teacher before admission to the school.
  2. All parents meet with the Head of School and/or the Director of Admission.
  3. Copies of any educational or psychological testing must be submitted before admission to the school.
  4. Education for all children, including those with special needs, will be done within the parameters of the school philosophy and its implementation in the classroom. This implementation implies a multi-sensory approach to education.
  5. Specific trial periods and evaluation procedures may be established as needed.


  • Requests for enrollment applications are taken both by telephone and in person.
  • An information packet consisting of our brochure, stating the philosophy and objectives of our program, a fee and payment schedule, and additional information regarding Emerson Farm Middle School will be mailed or given to interested parents.
  • Observation of a class by prospective parents is required. Observations are scheduled from Monday through Thursday of each week. Every effort is made to schedule them for the first convenient date. Observations are for adults only.
  • Parents are supplied with an observation sheet before entering the classroom. A meeting with the Head of School and/or the Director of Admission is scheduled immediately following the observation to answer questions and explain the programs.
  • After an application is submitted an interview with the child is scheduled.
  • Although the school follows a rolling admission policy, no new applicants will be admitted after spring break of each school year.

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